Dear Friends,

I am happy to inform you that I have written my Autobiography titled Spandane – The Last Lecture on my 60th birthday. (15-05-2011) The Autobiography has run over 400 pages and has been divided in 4 Sections namely—

Section I – My Life Story,(38 Chapters)

Section II – My Letters,(18 Letters )

Section III – My Tips & Observations (25 Chapters) and

Section IV – My Poems.

Section V – Kavadase
As a novel concept, I wrote a letter to my grandson on the occasion of his 1st birthday i.e. 10-06-2010. As I was writing the letter, this idea of writing the ‘Last Lecture’ struck my mind. I wrote in that letter that by the time you read & understand my 1st letter,  I may not be around and it is quite likely that you ‘may be interested in knowing me as a ‘person.’ Hence I have decided to write my ‘Last Lecture’ which would enable you to understand me and my ‘generation’. It is an attempt to bridge the ‘generation gap’. Hence, this Autobiography was written for my Grandson.

I have lived against all odds in Life. I tried to overcome the problems practically without any support. My Life experience was unique and had great influence on my thinking and outlook towards Life.

Now I have hosted a separate website to upload the autobiography.

Log on to

Time permitting, do read it. I can assure you that your time will not be wasted. I look forward to your feedback.

My email ID

Sudhir Vaidya

सुधीर वैद्य

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