२५९) आज माझ्या सोनीची पुण्यतिथी

२५९) आज माझ्या सोनीची पुण्यतिथी (जन्म ०७-०८-१९८५, मृत्यू ०३-०८-१९९९)

सोनीचा आणि तिच्या मुलाचा (टोनीचा ) फोटो.

259) P1000934-horz
Since childhood I had kept many pets (cat, birds, and fish) in my house. However my childhood dream of keeping pet dog was still unfulfilled. I had to convince my wife Sumitra to seek her permission. She finally agreed. Immediately we were on the lookout for a puppy. (Incidentally in our horoscope, there was a chance of having a pet at home. There was also logic in keeping a dog in our young age, considering 12-14 years of life span for a dog. We unanimously decided to have Pomeranian dog. We purchased Soni on a Dassera day in 1985. Soni was 5th puppy of her mother ‘Rakhi’. Her name was kept as ‘Sarin’ by the owner. We decided to change it to ‘Soni.’ Over the years, she became famous as ‘Soni Vaidya’. Her birth date was 07-08-1985.

Soni was very fond of my wife as if she had some relationship of earlier life. Soni lived like a human being. She got married. She gave birth to two puppies. However, one of them died immediately on birth. She had a friend by the name ‘Mackie’. Her husband also died after a few years. She had cataract. Soni never had any major illness. She developed tumour in her mouth but with homeopathy medicine, the tumour size was kept in control. She had no difficulty in eating and drinking due to the tumour.

Soni loved my son Deven. Both used to play like brother and sister. Soni would bark at me if I scold Deven. Her intelligence quotient was equivalent of a 5 year old child. She was very particular about eating on time, going out for a walk etc. She would bark and compel us to follow her schedule.

It may be co-incidence but soon after arrival of Soni in our house, I got few professional assignments with good fees. She turned out to be lucky mascot for me. I would have to pamper her on my returning home late in the evening.

Once a gang of robbers attempted to break my neighbour’s door/lock. She continuously barked for half an hour till the thieves left the attempt. Thus next day morning, our Soni became famous in neighbourhood. People specifically came to thank her.

My wife used to talk with Soni and she also would respond. Over the years, we understood her language expressed by different tones of barking coupled with her body language.

My wife did Soni’s delivery. One puppy died during the delivery. Another puppy came out smoothly. We called him ‘Toni’. Soni loved Toni very much for about a month. Thereafter, she could not tolerate the pampering of Toni in her presence. She was against sharing our love. After a month, I gave Toni to my friend.

Soni developed tumour in her mouth but with homeopathy medicine, the tumour size was kept in control. She had no difficulty in eating and drinking due to the tumour. However, finally, the tumour increased to a significant size. Doctor advised operation but also expressed fear of her tolerance of anaesthesia. Fear turned out to be true. Soni died immediately on administering the anaesthesia on the operating table.

We carried out her funeral in the hospital compound. She died on 03-08-1999. May her soul rest in peace. She lived for 14 years. I can never forget my years with Soni. It was hard for all of us to readjust with life after her departure. But time is a great healer of all sorrows.

Soni is still alive not only in my memory but in her special album.

सुधीर वैद्य


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