03 / Food, Clothing, Shelter:


03 / Food, Clothing, Shelter:

We all work for Food, Clothing and Shelter. No doubt that we also work for self esteem. However you will observe that each one does not work with his heart.  ‘Bhagwat Geeta’ teach us three basic concepts namely Karma, Vikarma & Akarma. Karma is what we do. The same karma becomes Vikarma when our mind joins the body to carry out the job. In other words, body and mind should work together to accomplish a wonderful job. When you form this habit of working with mind and body synchronization, you will not feel the efforts put in which is called Akarma. Not only that but you will enjoy the work. You can also enjoy the work when you like / love the job and you also love the person for whom the job is done.

Read my Marathi Article on http://www.spandane.com/Spandane/Spandane-Articles/03-FoodClothing&Shelter.pdf

My comments: Having completed the higher education, I selected the job/work considering my temperament, core abilities etc. Hence I could really enjoy the work. I never got tired of my job because the ‘work’ was giving utmost job satisfaction on par with financial reward. This enabled to me to concentrate on whatever I did in Life. I did the work considering the interest of the organization ahead of management which appointed me.


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