157) Email: My Experience, Observations & Comments.

157) Email: My Experience, Observations & Comments.

Few months back, I had written a detailed article on Facebook – My Experience, Observations & Comments. I am sure that you must have read the said article. It has been uploaded on my Blog https://spandane.wordpress.com/category/spandane-articles/page/12/

I became an active member of Facebook last year after I took retirement from long Professional career of 40 years. Ever since internet was easily available in 1997, I started using email for communication with my clients, friends, assistants etc. I opened my first email account on Yahoo.co.in. Then practically, I opened email account with every service provider such as Hotmail.com, indiatimes.com, rediff.com, Gmail.com etc. I used these different Email Ids for inter-action with different groups. When I hosted my first website on 23-05-2008, I opened a separate email id for my website fans.

After I became active on facebook, I compiled mailing list of facebook friends. I thought that some information can be shared nicely by email. Sharing of information and knowledge is my passion. Hence I started sharing some good emails, my new articles on email with FB friends.  But I was surprised that very few FB friends interacted – replied my email. Few of them replied on few occasions & confirmed that they enjoy reading my emails. But by and large many FB friends did not reply to my emails. Well I have no complaints but I was really surprised because I found that many of them are very active on facebook. Does it mean that these friends do not check their inbox? Or they do not have time to check emails? But then how they can be active on facebook? It is difficult to conclude that they did not respond because quality of email was poor. Considering this experience, I slowed down my pace of sharing emails with facebook friends. Now I request my FB friends to inform me in case they do not wish to receive my emails.

I have created different contact groups such as CA Groups, Bank Officials Group, Facebook friends, Family, Core Group, general mailing lists of friend’s friends etc. Here again, few friends regularly interact with me. I get emails from my website fans. I forward the circulars, notifications, articles according to their preference. I have made it a practice to acknowledge emails received as forward. (e.g. Thanks for sharing, nice pics, good motivational story, it made my day, wow etc.) I found that this culture of acknowledging was picked by my friends.

Internet and communication via email, made my life easy.

Internet saved good amount of travel time. I used to finalize reports with my assistants on line.    I would submit Draft Reports to Clients for reference and comments immediately.

Friends, what is your experience? Have you made any observations on your email account? Kindly share your experience for the benefit of every one.


CA. Sudhir Vaidya



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