31) Counselling Your Staff / Warren Redman


31) Counselling Your Staff / Warren Redman / First south Asian Edition 1996 / Kogan Page India Private Ltd / Rs. 80 /-Pages 112


Warren Redman is an Author, Counsellor and Management Developer. He is founder of the Centre for Inner Balancing. He has written many books on related subjects.
The word is ‘counselling’ is not new to us. We have grown up hearing the advice (counselling) given by our parents, elder brothers-sisters, teachers, close relatives etc. Probably now it could be your turn to give advice (counselling) to your kids, wife etc. J It is quite likely that the said advice was never labeled as ‘counselling’ exercise but the fact remains that counselling is inevitable in all walks of life starting from our childhood.
Every one feels that there should be someone with whom he or she can share the problems / stress. If you are fortunate to get a good counsellor (by whatever name called , say parents, brother, teacher, employer etc.) then your life becomes little easy.
People experience Stress when their frustration level is very high for them to handle. Stress can be self imposed or due to external factors. Employers are always worried about Staff undergoing stress because it leads to absenteeism, low motivation, lack of concentration, lower productivity etc. All these factors cost the employer in some form or the other.
Counselling is the most effective method to help people to fight against stress. Most of the Employers have since realized the importance of counselling their staff. Many a times, professional counsellor is deputed. However this job can be done more successfully by someone within the organization (may be immediate boss, HR manger, head of the dept etc.)
This book will help every Manager in learning the skills of counselling. This would indirectly help him to prove his extra worth within the organization among other Managers. Even if you are not working as Manager at present, still you can read and master the art as one day, you will be promoted as Manager. You can even use this knowledge in counselling your friends, neighbours, kids, family members etc. J Any useful knowledge never gets wasted.
This book is a tool for self development. The book covers the following Topics.
1) Why counselling is important?
2) What counselling is?
3) The skills of counselling.
4) A structure for listening.
5) Signals & Messages.
6) Training for the Counsellor.
7) A Structure for counselling interview.
8) Counselling Issues & situations
9) Setting up a counselling programme.
10) Evaluating counselling.
You may find some of the following issues in counselling people.
1) Relationships (personal & work)
2) Employment Problems
3) Marital Problems
4) Bereavement and loss
5) Trauma
6) Family difficulties (children, wife, parents, friends, partner etc.)
7) Alcohol and drug misuse
8) Health Problems
Counselling is the process of clarifying the exact problem faced by the other person, enabling them to take appropriate responsibility for that problem and then assisting them to arrive at some form of solution. It is a long term development process.
Counselling exercise will be successful if the counsellor is a good listener. I need not say that there is big difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’. Counselling is not about giving readymade advice to the other person but to help him to solve his problem by giving proper directions.
This subject of counselling is very near to my heart. I had the ample opportunity to do counselling of my colleagues, seniors, clients, friends, family members, kids, may be because I followed ‘Equality Complex’ in my dealing with others irrespective of any differences in age, qualification, wealth, caste, sex etc. I am fairly a good listener. I have ‘Empathy’ for other person. Thanks to my late Father for imparting these qualities. I learned ‘Alternate Medical Therapies’ in 1998 under the guidance of a well known doctor and thereafter utilized my knowledge to take care of health issues of my family members, neighbours and senior citizens in the society. During this association and interaction, I never realized as to when I started using my counselling skills acquired since young age. I spend good amount of time in helping people to solve their problems. Many of my Articles uploaded on my website www.spandane.com have roots in this counselling exercise carried out by me. I have shared the said experience in the form of a Moral Story, Letters, or Tips & Observations.
Friends, do spare some time in reading this book.
It is pocket size book with a good font. One can complete the book in one sitting. I am sure that you will get enlightened after reading the book.
With kind regards to all.
CA. Sudhir Vaidya

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