132 / First day as Senior citizen

132 / First day as Senior citizen

 Today is the first day of my Life as Senior Citizen. J

It is a day of mixed feelings. One is a happy feeling that I have crossed 60 and another feeling is of disappointment as God has not accepted my prayer. Many years I have been requesting God to call me to his kingdom on completion of 60 years. Obviously GOD has not accepted my prayer.

I had set Life Time Table in my mind since young age. I was born in a middle class family.    I lost my father when I was studying in Jr. B. Com. My father expired at the age of 58 years, few months prior to his retirement. His post retirement dreams vanished with him. I spent my childhood in the backdrop of my father’s ill health. His life span was quantified by destiny.  Hence, this was the first factor which governed my Life span decision of 60 years.

I assumed Life span of 60 years and decided to accommodate all my dreams, education, career, social service, hobbies, relaxation, relations etc in this period. Accordingly I planned my Life and achieved these objectives. You will get elaborate account of these in my forthcoming Autobiography.

Secondly my eye sight was poor since school days. I was half blind at the age of 10 years. Against the advice of doctor I selected commerce faculty. I expected that my eyes will support me till that age. i.e. 60 years. As feared, my eye sight (left eye) developed first major problem of black floaters in 2002. There is no cure for this degenerative disease. While I was finalizing Audit Reports of this year, my right eye developed similar problem on 23-04-2011. With a great difficulty I managed to complete the Reports. I called on Eye surgeon for investigation. The condition was confirmed. Further complications (of retina damage) can not be predicted. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I hosted website www.spandane.com on 23-05-2008 to share my Professional experience and hobbies. It has recorded over 675000 hits till date and is viewed from across the Globe.  I have uploaded number of books written by me on Management, Audit, Medical, Marriage, Life Philosophy etc. Photography is my passion. I have shared my Spandane Photo Gallery on the website.

I completed my Autobiography titled Spandane – The Last Lecture as decided. The Link will be activated on second birthday of my grand son i.e. 10-06-2011 as I have written the Autobiography for him.

I have divided my Autobiography ‘Spandane – The Last Lecture’ in various Sections / Topics instead of writing chronologically for the sake of my convenience.

Section I – My Life Story

Section II – My Letters. Readers would get to know about my Family Life & Outlook towards Life.

Section III – My Tips – Views & Observations on Various issues, Situations, Circumstances etc. I am hopeful that Section III would certainly induce the readers to rethink on these subjects and cross verify their ideas.

Section IV – My Spandane Poems

I wish all my FB friends prosperity, peace of mind and good health.

With Kind regards.

Sudhir Vaidya


PS: This Letter was sent to my FB friends on 16-05-2011.


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